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leo dying at ravi’s speed quiz answer ~__~
(hongbin wanted you to say “gopchang” ravi…………)

I think Jewel broke Jungkookie


 Cutie Chen being comfortable on the couch ft. watching Xiumin 
Hiphop Godfather Warren G, Wishes to Remake Suga’s Song?


[ irrelevant parts omitted ] 

When asked about his meeting with hiphop figurehead Warren G, Suga revealed “He said he really liked my composition ‘Tomorrow’ and expressed his desire to personally use it as a remake” He elaborated, “[The remake] is in the works right now so if you wait a bit we’ll probably be able to show you good results soon”.

Rap Monster also expressed his gratitude, “His label explained to us that an instance like this was considered extremely unusual, for an American Artist to remake a song by a Korean artist in this manner.” 

news source; © 조이뉴스24

bangtan sonyeondan, everyone.


when taehyung cut his own hair by accident (featuring a comforting hoseok & jungkook)

jongdae - die jungs bts

chenchen in die jungs