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100 Days: Day 64 

Today H I S T O R Y ‘s rankings were perfectly decided!

It was a time full of all kinds of revelations and brotherly love *__*

kpop MVs banned for odd reasons


Ppl rly be like “oppa said he likes sweet pure girls!” Oppa likes titties and ass And some of them like dick honey he fuckin lied on camera bc his mama was watchin And didn’t want her to know he keeps lube in his bedside table


starlights have a lot of differing opinions but at least we can all agree on one thing

personal fave:


{scan} NU’EST 1st album ‘Re:BIRTH’

cr: http://www.lotus-rentw.com

Sunny Hill // Midnight Circus Favourite music videos 2/4

You’re laughing while you look at me

I’m possessed again

I’m dancing under these bright lights


development of fandom jokes; mama ➝ overdose

mamamoo on the secret box